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#140 6 Best Core Exercises BEFORE You Run! #139 Sore Leading into Your Race? Keep Training Pain Free and Get it Done! #138 Preventing Hyper-rotation as a Runner #137 The Best 3 Minute Calf Program for Runners!
 #136 Two Secrets to Running Lighter and Faster #135 How to run like an Olympian with a few simple tips! #134 Bet You a Million Dollars You Don’t Know This Pre Race Running Secret! #133 Improve Your Running…Welcome to Plyometrics!
 #132 Will barefoot running help prevent injuries? #131 Getting sore with longer runs? Try this cool exercise. #130 No excuses NOT to stretch your hamstrings! 6 ways to improve range for running! #129 Stop running injuries by changing your injury philosophies!
 #128 Best 4 ways to optimise your running posture! #127 Sore Butt with running, tape it to get rid of pain!  #126 The perfect head position to make running easier!  #125 Driving to your race? What to do and what to avoid in the car!
#124 Don't put up with pain behind the knee!  #123 Tight calves? Get them ready to race! #122 The Three Main Factors in Running Performance #121 Make a Diamond Between Your Butt Cheeks and Run Like the Wind!

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