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 #20 Bye, bye hamstrings pulls #19 Runners, get rid of shin splints, ATTACK them from all sides   #18 Unleash the Usain Bolt in your running technique  #17 How to stop your shin splint hell!
 #16 Support your knees for running  #15 Get your gluteals firing. #14 Will Wragg - How I managed to beat ITB!   #13 Crack a walnut with your butt to run better
 #12 Recover quicker after your race, target hip flexors   #11 Running without getting breathless #10 Bloody HAM#&*^&$^%$STRINGS!   #9 Put the air back in your running tyres
 #8 Abolishing the support phase  #7 Know your knees guys  #6 Get your butt moving  #5 No sexy hips while running
 #4 Optimising the mid-foot  #3 Bake your abdominal cake for better running technique  #2 Creating movement - finding the sweet spot.  #1 Longer is stronger guys, especially up front

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