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 #60 To plank or not to plank for running #59 The importance of fluid and electrolyte intake for running   #58 Ease tender backs for running  #57 Great way to release hip flexors for running (Part 2)
 #56 How to maintain concentration to prevent injuries as you run  #55 A secret trick to stretching hip flexors for running (Part 1) #54 Progress your ab strength for running - the next step   #53 How to run without bleeding under your toes or losing any toenails
 #52 Tape your foot to get rid of plantar fasciitis  #51 Improve your ankle strength for running  #50 How to work less, whilst running faster and preventing against injuries #49 Shin pain? Remember to release the OUTSIDE of your shin 
 #48 Strengthen your butt to keep running into your 90's!  #47 How to run an effortless marathon  #46 The best way to ease tight calves!  #45 The BEST ITB stretch for running!
#44 Z Syndrome Part 2 - Preventing Hip Injuries   #43 Use your foam roller better to get rid of runners' knee #42 Back bracing to improve your running   #41 Z Syndrome Part 1 - Preventing Knee Injuries

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