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#147 4 Ab and Butt Blasting Exercises for Running! #140 6 Best Core Exercises BEFORE You Run! 
#134 Bet You a Million Dollars You Don’t Know This Pre Race Running Secret! #131 Getting Sore with Longer Runs…Try this Cool Exercise! 
#121 Make a Diamond Between Your Butt Cheeks and Run Like the Wind!  #120  What Does a Bow and Arrow on Anzac Day Have to do With Running?
#111 Struggling to Beat Your PB, Try this Running Secret! #106 How Can a Dog Peeing on a Tree Help Your Running?
#103 Target T-Spine Strength to Keep Form Even in Long Runs   #95 Smash Obliques for Running! Taking Running Strength to the NEXT Level!
 #92 Abs of Steel for Running!  #87 Run Faster, Try ‘TEASER’ The Hardest Core Exercise Yet!
#82 Scooter Your Way to Running Further and Faster!  #81 Ab 50's for running fast!
 #75 Save Energy With Running Technique Through Strength!
 #66 Get Planked for Running! (Part 3)
 #63 Planking on Steroids for Your Running!
#60 To plank or not to plank?
#54 Progress Your Ab Strength For Running
#48 Strengthen your butt to keep running into your 90's!
 #42 Back Bracing To Improve Your Running  #37 Get Serious with Core Strength for Running (100s, the next step)
#33 Integrate Strength to Stay Long for Running
#27 Target Inside Leg, the Runners Equivalent of 'Tuck-shop Arms'
#21 Strengthen Hamstrings For Runners (What EVERYONE misses!) #18 Unleash the Usain Bolt in Your Running Technique 
#13 Crack a Walnut With Your Butt to Run Better! #9 Put the Air Back in Your Running Tyres!
#6 Get your butt moving! #3 Bake your abdominal cake for better running technique!


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