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#128 Best 4 Ways to Optimise Your Running Posture! #127 Sore Butt with Running, Tape it to Get Rid of Pain!
#121 Make a Diamond Between Your Butt Cheeks and Run Like the Wind! #108 How to prevent hip and back injuries when running
 #106 How Can a Dog Peeing on a Tree Help Your Running?  #104 Tackle Hip Flexor/Quad Pain and Improve Running Times!
 #99 Reduce Hip Flexion to Protect Against Injury  #97 The Lazy Way to Release Butt Pain for Running!
 #85 Four Glute Stretches to Run Faster and Further Immediately! #82 Scooter Your Way to Running Further and Faster!
 #57 A Great Way to Release Hip Flexors for Running (Part 2) #55 A Secret Trick to Stretching Hip Flexors for Running (Part 1)

#48 Strengthen your butt to keep running into your 90's! #44 Z Syndrome Part 2 – Preventing Hip Injuries

#39 Getting Rid Of Pain Where The Sun Doesn't Shine! #32 Protecting Your Hips When Running

#15 Get Your Gluteals Firing! Target Trigger Points and Avoid the Ticking Time Bomb!! #13 Crack a Walnut With Your Butt to Run Better!

#12 Recover quicker after your race, target hip flexors!! #6 Get your butt moving!

#5 No sexy hips while running! #1 Longer is stronger guys, especially up front!

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