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 #143 3 Best Plyometric Exercises for Running! #130 No Excuses NOT to Stretch Your Hamstrings! 6 Ways to Improve Range for Running!
 #117 The 5 Best Inside Leg Stretches for Running! #104 Tackle Hip Flexor/Quad Pain and Improve Running Times!

#98 Crazy Way to Release Tight Hamstrings! #94 The Biggest Secret for Having Pain Free Hamstrings!

#89 Awesome Stretch for ITB #45 The BEST ITB Stretch for Running!
#27 Target Inside Leg, the Runners Equivalent of 'Tuck-shop Arms' #26 How to run without 'Angry Adductors'/ 'A Grizzly Groin'

#24 Don’t Put Up with Sore Hamstrings! #21 Strengthen Hamstrings For Runners (What EVERYONE misses!)

#20 Bye, Bye Hamstring Pulls #14 Will Wragg – How I managed to beat ITB!
#10 Bloody HAM##*!^#*# STRINGS! #9 Put the Air Back in Your Running Tyres!

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