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How Important Good Posture is When Running to Prevent Headaches!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hey RIF REVers, 

Running and running head aches can be a 'headache' for many runners; preventing many from fully enjoying the experience. It doesn't have to be the case! As well as ensuring that fluids are maintained during the running, that salts are also ingested to prevent a sense of dizziness, another concentration is for the core of a runner. The hip flexors crucially need to display length. Tight hip flexors can close up the core of a runner, and this can lead to the vasoconstriction in ones brain - as well as physical limitations and a higher potential for injury - resulting in consequent headaches.

So, as well as ensuring the fluids and salts are ingested, make sure your hip flexors are nice and lengthened and you're not tight through your core. As well as helping you to run more efficiently, it will make running a whole more enjoyable experience!



Warning: This blog is intended as a starting point for runners to understand their body and begin to address weaknesses and tension that can lead to injury. It does not constitute advice and is not a treatment tool. If you have any health condition or injury whatsoever, check with your personal health care practitioner before attempting any strategy listed. Use at your own risk and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.



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