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Stop Those Achey Arms And Shoulders For Good!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hey RIF REVers!

Have you ever seen a runner have to shake off their arms because they’re achy? Or are you one of those runners?!....

Well, if you are, don’t worry. There’s a simple solution to stopping those aches and pains in your arms and upper-body and here they are!

In your upper body – inserting upon the (Cervical) C5 – C8 down to the armpits is the Brachial Plexus; a Network of nerve fibres that connects between the upper-body, including the hands, arms and the shoulders. If your arms and shoulders are not in good alignment as you run, then these pains are a likely occurrence.


These pains are generally onset from a runners’ shoulders being either pulled up (towards their ears) or, from bringing their shoulders inwards (towards their chest). Oftentimes, people cause these pains from trying to work their arms too much!

When we run, it’s best to have your shoulders nice and relaxed, and downwards. Picking up your chest helps to draw back your shoulders slightly, and it’s also important to prevent swinging your arms across your body! Imagine you have a central line – your arms should not cross this line, as this causes your body to over-rotate.

Significantly, a way I manage to keep my shoulders down and relaxed and still keep a good tempo is to, instead of bringing your arms upwards with the initial motion, instead bring them backwards. This prevents bringing those arms up too high causing the shoulders to rise or come in towards the chest, whilst allowing a good range of motion for a good running tempo.

It’s important to find what works for you as a runner but, if you manage to maintain a good range of movement with your arms whilst keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, that will help you to run fast and far without added distractions and pain, so it’s worth giving it a go!
Get those arms relaxed as you run guys, it makes all the difference!

Cheers RIF REVers


Warning: This blog is intended as a starting point for runners to understand their body and begin to address weaknesses and tension that can lead to injury. It does not constitute advice and is not a treatment tool. If you have any health condition or injury whatsoever, check with your personal health care practitioner before attempting any strategy listed. Use at your own risk and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.



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