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3 Best Plyometric Exercises for Running!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Hey RIF REVers,

Caught up with Pat Nispel from Pat42.2 after City to South and was talking about strength work to improve speed. I always aim to fill gaps in strength and it’s no different when it comes to speed work. I have shown you how to start your plyometric training before and now I want to progress it just a little. In this video Pat and I show you how introduce running specific plyometrics that are still reasonably low impact and also targeted at the ranges you need for running. Massive box jumps and really high kicks are going to be ok for 100m sprints but if you are going a bit further they might not be your first priority. Pat takes us through ankling, ankling hops and then single leg hops in a quadrant pattern. Try these as part of your warm up as well as your strength routine. Great for balance as well and watch your speed go up. Make sure these are comfy at all times guys. 

Good luck to Pat who is just about to head over to train with the Swiss national team leading into European champs. Hope all goes well mate! RIFREVers will be cheering for you!

Enjoy guys,

Paul Trevethan

Warning: This blog is intended as a starting point for runners to understand their body and begin to address weaknesses and tension that can lead to injury. It does not constitute advice and is not a treatment tool. If you have any health condition or injury whatsoever, check with your personal health care practitioner before attempting any strategy listed. Use at your own risk and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.



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