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Sore Leading into Your Race? Keep Training Pain Free and Get it Done!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Hey RIF REVers,

Hope you had a great weekend. We had the Monday off so excuse the late post. Our friend RIF REVer Johanna did her 6th marathon on Sunday for Project 36, 12 marathons in 12 months for 12 charities. She came second at the Gold Coast Ultra! Awesome effort! It’s marathon time for us too in sunny Brisbane. Gold Coast is rapidly approaching and it will roll on from there. We have runners aiming for European Champs, Berlin, New York later in the year, SOOO much fun but I wanted to quickly talk about niggles and managing your training load to stay fit for your run. This weekend was four weeks out from Gold Coast so most runners doing the full or half marathon did their longest runs and are now into their taper. It’s just good to be aware of how your body is coping with the distance because sometimes it’s better to pull back and rest the body while still increasing fitness by getting into the pool for water running. I have a couple of runners in the clinic at the moment that we have doing their long runs in the pool! Basically they are switching distance for the similar time frame in the pool water running. It still gets fitness up but is so much lighter on your problem areas. Obviously this is not ideal but if it is the difference between running and sitting out, better to manage and make it any day! Same rules apply for your taper guys. Remember most of the hard work is done so if you get niggles, replace a couple of sessions with pool work. You will still get fitness and the upside can be huge.

I wanted to get this to you now just so you don’t make the mistake of doggedly sticking to your plan no matter what the cost. Listen to your body guys!! Wednesday Ang is going to take you through a pre run core strength warm up work out to get all the right muscle firing so keep an eye out for it.

Enjoy your runs RIF REVers!

Talk tomorrow,

Paul Trevethan

Warning: This blog is intended as a starting point for runners to understand their body and begin to address weaknesses and tension that can lead to injury. It does not constitute advice and is not a treatment tool. If you have any health condition or injury whatsoever, check with your personal health care practitioner before attempting any strategy listed. Use at your own risk and stop if you experience any pain or discomfort.



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